Private Cloud Solutions

We build private clouds based on OpenStack and CloudStack


Have you decided to move to the cloud? Don’t want to use public cloud and share it with others, but want to have the environment where the hardware, storage and network are dedicated to exactly
to you?

Our experienced cloud engineers will design and build Private Cloud Architecture customized exactly for your business – highly available and reliable, scalable and cost effective.

Key features and benefits of Private Clouds

Improved security

Without a doubt, cloud security is a major concern for companies right now. With any form of public cloud computing you are outsourcing your data. It means you must rely on your services provider to keep your data secure. With a private cloud, only you (or your company) own and operate the servers, or lease dedicated servers from a datacenter. It means that only you will have the access to your cloud environment and control over it.


The main distinguishing feature of private clouds is the great ability of customization they have. Each company has its own certain business and technical requirements depending on industry, business goals, number of people engaged, clients, etc. With private clouds you can setup a system that will meet your individual needs perfectly, as well as have the ability to customize your hardware in accordance to your requirements.

Time & costs saving

Sure enough that getting private cloud environment up and running isn’t always straightforward and cheap. However private cloud based cost saving models are generally optimized for workloads that have a lifespan of years, not months. Another reason for moving to a private cloud is reducing the time it takes to deliver the services to the market. This is mainly achieved by standardization and automation of tasks and processes.

Control over your environment

Private clouds are the best option for businesses with dynamic and unpredictable computing needs that require full control over their environments. With private clouds you can have a greater control over your servers allowing it to be focused on your own preferences and styles.

Greater performance

Private clouds are multi-server hosting environments, which means load and traffic can be shared across servers to improve things like performance, page load, etc. As there is no sharing with other users, there is a greater level of performance achieved.

Best environment for software development

Software development process frequently involves external and internal users, who operate in a collaborative environment. Private Cloud Architecture has the ideal combination of security, flexibility and isolation, providing the best environment for software developers.

How we build private clouds:

  • Clarifying requirements
We will work closely with you or your staff to understand your needs and business goals to define the requirements for a Cloud solution and deadlines. Our experts will gather all the required information about the nature of your business, your application, your existing environment and give you our professional recommendations.
  • Choosing the hardware
Private cloud can be located in- house at your company’s property or it can be housed in a data center. We will help you chose the optimal hardware configuration for your private cloud architecture, recommend you a reliable datacenter or provide you with our own hardware.
  • Architecture design
Based on your business requirements, your existing technologies and application, resources and workflow we will design a Private Cloud Architecture and develop further deployment and automation strategy.
  • Implementation and deployment
With the architecture on hand, we will implement and deploy the secure, high-performance, robust and flexible cloud infrastructure based on the latest industry standards. If needed, we will migrate your data to the newly build cloud. At all stages of the project you will have the access to our technical team, can track project progress or keep process under your control as much as you need.
  • 24/7 Management

We not only design and build Private Clouds, but we also manage and support them. At the end of the project you can either consider one of our standard monthly management plans or hourly on-demand support, or we will develop your personalized support plan exactly for your infrastructure and business needs. If you want to manage the environment by yourself our experts will prepare all documentation to your IT team and provide post-setup support to ensure a smooth transition to your new cloud.


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