Hourly or one-time server support

This support option is designed for clients who need one-time service or occasional server support, have urgent situations and looking for the fastest possible remote resolution.


This is also the best choice for clients who need regular support on hourly basis, but do not want to sign up for a monthly plan.

How it works

Analysis and evaluation

You contact us with you request. We evaluate your project, give you our professional recommendations and provide you with accurate time and cost estimation.


Once you approve the estimation, we schedule the job with you, provide you with all necessary instructions, get access to your server and proceed with the job.


During the process of work you will get 24/7 access to our technical team. You will be able to ask questions, send requests. We will constantly keep you informed about your task progress.


Upon completion of a task or a project, we send you our report and give you our further recommendations, if needed.

Confirmation and payment

You evaluate, approve and pay for the performed job. We do not demand any prepayment from you.


We give you 10 days to test the performed job, and if there are any issues, we review our work and fix them at no charge.

Most commonly requested services

Server setups

You are about to run your own server? We will help you chose a reliable hosting provider, recommend you a hardware for your business needs, help you with setting up, configuring and optimizing your server. Whether you need just a simple server for hosting your WordPress sites, or looking for a complex solution with load balancing and failover for your on-line store - at YourServerAdmin we know how to do it.


Troubleshooting is a method of finding the cause of a problem and correcting it. The main goal of troubleshooting is to get your server back into a healthy and smooth operation again. Your server's down or service unavailable, you are getting an unknown error or complaints from your users, your server’s blacklisted or you receive a lot of SPAM? We know how to deal with all server issues and prevent future problems.

Server security audit and hardening

We check your environment against known vulnerabilities, performance bottlenecks, missing patches, signs of hack, incorrect antispam settings, incorrect backups schedule, insecure software settings, IP blacklisting and other possible problems. Based on the audit results we harden your server at all possible levels.

Performance optimization

You believe that your server or your web site is too slow, you often experience high loads due to increased traffic, your receive complains from your clients, then it’s time to optimize your server. At YourServerAdmin we know how to optimize servers and applications for the best performance, whether it is WordPress, Magento, Joomla or other application.

Data migrations

There are many reasons why you might need to migrate to a new environment - faulty or old hardware, desire to change a hosting provider, business expansions, etc. We will develop a migration plan that fits your business needs. We will work closely with you to understand your goals, schedule and budget to ensure that your data migration goes as smoothly as possible and with no or minimal downtime.

Backup strategy implementation

Ensuring that your critical data is backed up regularly is essential for keeping your business up and running, no matter what happens. Based on your requirements and business expectations we will develop and implement the backup strategy exactly for your needs and provide you with the remote backup storage place.

Have not found the description of the needed service? Do not hesitate contacting us and asking for help! We know how to deal this all possible server issues.

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