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SAN vs. NAS: The Difference is Simple

Often clients don’t catch the difference between SAN and NAS. That’s understandable because both are storage solutions and guarantee storage management and data protection. However, they have differences in their working models, the ways of accessing data, and technologies. And…

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SAN vs. NAS: The Difference is Simple

File systems: Multiple choice
RAID: What is so helpful about it?
Why We Believe in DevOps
5 Best Tools for Project Management

File systems: Multiple choice

We store 1000+ of files on our devices including videos, audio, pictures, e-books, and many others. They all have different purposes and this is why they differ in terms of their format. We also love order in things we have,…


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RAID: What is so helpful about it?

RAID (redundant array of independent disks) is the method of combining multiple physical disk drives into a single unit for data storage. The idea of RAID is to have a number of disks co-operating as one big disk to ensure…


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Why We Believe in DevOps

DevOps Tools Obstacles in DevOps Is Cloud Computing an integral part of DevOps? Where DevOps Benefits Why DevOps becomes more and more irreplaceable Development + Operations, today software development requires these both processes to present the best products. DevOps is…

5 Best Tools for Project Management

Jira Redmine Microsoft Project Asana Bitrixt24 We have seen many approaches to project management. Since 1990-s we have experienced multiple methodologies for project management including traditional Waterfall, Project Production Management, Extreme project management, Critical chain project management, etc. Their models…

Network File Systems

With the evolution of the Internet and services it provides, the need of sharing and distributing of data appeared. Obviously, a local filesystem doesn’t fit this need, that’s why a number of different network file systems appeared. A network file…

Cloud computing

Nowadays, cloud computing provides larger possibilities for storing and accessing data than just simple computing. While your local storage is very vulnerable in terms of physical damages and is pinned to one place, with cloud technologies you can access your…

What is Infrastructure as Code?

Manual server configuration is a tedious and time-consuming process. Sysadmin spends so much time on installing the components needed. Though system administrators mastered their routine configuration processes, and they can complete them with closed eyes, there is a better way…

Big Data Systems: Hadoop

“Big Data” term refers to an enormous amount of data (structured, semistructured and unstructured). The organisation of this data is of the most importance. On the way to its organisation, great volumes of this data should be analyzed and as…

Top 10 Server Providers & Data Centers

During the process of development your application, you start to wonder where all the information from it will be stored. Where will be gathered all the messages, photos, videos, and all other content? You ask Google about it and Google…


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